Monday, August 3, 2009

Author Marjorie M Liu Appearing on Athena Isle, Second Life

08.01.2009 – Athena Isle, a virtual island on Second Life, will host New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M Liu Tuesday, Aug. 4 from 11:00am PST (Second Life Time) to 12:00pm PST. Liu will be speaking about her new book The Fire King, the latest from her paranormal romance Dirk & Steele series.

Event SLURL:

In preparation for her first Second Life appearance, Liu gathered questions from fans through social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and several blogs. The intimate text chat event will take place inside a gothic castle in a roundtable format, providing fans with a close encounter with the author.

The event is a joint effort between Endeavor Creative, Conversify, and Athena Isle Women, a group for women in the virtual world Second Life.

Free Fire King tshirts will be given to participants. A full transcript of the event will be available on the Athena Isle Women blog later in the week at

About Athena Isle and Conversify
Conversify is a social media marketing company working and marketing in virtual worlds as part of a strategic marketing mix. Athena Isle is operated by Cybergrrl Oh, Second Life avatar of Aliza Sherman, co-owner of Conversify. The purpose of Athena Isle is to explore communications, creativity and community in three-dimensional spaces and to bring quality content and services to Second Life.

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